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Austin McClelland began Austin McClelland Photography as an art reproduction business. As such a business, a very precise and technical knowledge of lighting became a highly important commodity. Countless hours and months were spent studying lighting techniques. With several years of experience, success, and the admonition of several respected galleries in Southern California, he bolstered to move into new territories.
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Soon, with suggestions from Jessica (Austin’s fiancé and soon to be wife), Austin began expanding into the portrait and business headshot arena in order to make photography more of a full time job. The previous lighting knowledge proved greatly useful. However, the nuances of portraiture lighting, posing, and communication were still in the learning phase. But with time, courses, and a great amount of study, a specific, professional, and repeatable style was achieved.
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Around the same time, Austin took many family portrait jobs. Success and great feedback followed. Around this same time is when a certain joy was found with working with people. With some time and consideration, Austin decided to expand the photography business into the next level up. . .wedding photography.
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The previous knowledge of lighting along with the other skills gained along the way convinced Austin that photographing weddings could become a possible avenue. After several in depth courses on wedding photography given by top wedding professionals, Austin finally decided that this was a the path to take. In 2012, Austin McClelland Photography: Weddings was born.

That said, he would need help along the way in order to achieve professional results quickly. Jessica, his fiancé and soon to be wife, was first to mind. Her attention to detail, quick learning capabilities, and drive to excel in anything that she puts her hand to were just a few of the qualities that he knew would make her a great photographer. With a little training, similar coursework, and some careful planning, Jessica quickly became a very proficient photographer. Soon, Austin and Jessica attempted and successfully completed their first wedding. They were hooked. Working with a couple on one of the happiest days of their lives became a joy for both Austin and Jessica. They soon decided to make wedding photography the specialty of Austin McClelland Photography.
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In order to continue learning, progressing, and evolving as photographers, memberships with WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) and the Ice Society (started by Jerry Ghionis, one of the top 3 wedding photographers in the world) were started and maintained.

Additionally, Austin embarked upon the task of becoming fully accredited as an internationally recognized wedding photography professional. WPPI Certification was placed in the sights. Early in 2016, Austin fully completed and became WPPI Certified as a professional wedding and portrait photographer. Currently Jessica has embarked upon completing this same certification.
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With years of experience, many happy couples, and the joy found in working with couples on their wedding day, Austin and Jessica have never looked back. They constantly seek to find new ways to provide professional results and to provide a wonderful experience for the couples they work with.

Austin and Jessica hope to soon work with you!