Retouching Tiers


Art edits are our top level edit tier. These will incorporate a special artistic touch that goes far above and beyond the other edits. These images are almost invariably shot during a bridal/couples session after the wedding day. On some occasions they will be shot during the engagment. Very rarely, if there is a great deal of extra time, these will be shot on the wedding day. Often these will take somewhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to setup. There is also a great deal of editing time involved. That said, there will be generally one to two of these created.

High Level

Standard edits are our primary editing tier. This will generally involve sharpening, saturation, hue, details, contrast, and other refinements that will create our signature AMP look. These can also on occasion involve images that are worked on to a level that is close to an art edit.


This is our basic tier. This is applied to your extra images on your final disc. Only minimal editing is applied. This will generally incorporate a single type of simple edit that is applied across the bulk of extra images.

Art Example

High Level Example

Standard Example

All images that Austin McClelland Photography provides are processed. As a part of policy, we do not release images that have absolutely no processing. We believe in providing a high caliber full service. All images receive at least a standard edit before release to the client. Also, as is noted in our price sheet, we provide high resolution jpegs for our clients.